Invited talks

‘The global spill-over effects of monetary policy’, Monetary Policy and Distributive Justice, Barcelona (June 2018)

‘Democratizing central bank asset-purchases’, (with Clement Fontan) Euromemo, Athens (September 2017)

‘The ethics of delegating monetary policy’, Forum für Wirtschaftsphilosophie, Berlin (April 2017)

‘John Rawls and the post-war Federal Reserve’, Justice, Money and Monetary Policy, York (July 2016)

‘Choice, responsibility and financial contracts’, Finance – Knowledge – Justice, Frankfurt (May 2016)

Comment on Martin O’Neill’s ‘Justice, Justification and Quantitative Easing’, Finance, Taxation and (Global) Justice, Zurich (September 2015).

Conference presentations (selection)

‘Democratizing central bank asset-purchases’, (with Clement Fontan) Finance and Society, London (September 2017)

‘Democratizing central bank asset-purchases’, (with Clement Fontan) IIPPE, Berlin (September 2017)

‘Idealization in political theory’, Graduate Workshop on Political and Moral Philosophy, Warwick (February 2017)

‘The political discretion of independent central banks’, London Graduate Workshop in Moral and Political Philosophy (January 2017) and Finance and Social Justice, Bayreuth (November 2016)

‘John Rawls and the post-war Federal Reserve’, Credit, Currency & Commerce, Cambridge (September 2016)

‘Harm to self in financial markets’, Brave New World, Manchester (June 2016)

‘Monetary policy and global justice’, Association for Social and Political Philosophy, London (June 2016)

‘Fiscal vs unconventional monetary policy’, Global Tax Justice, Berlin (January 2016)

‘Does the state have a duty to issue money?’, Global Law in Finance Network, Frankfurt (December 2015)

‘Scope and method in the German Methodenstreit’, European Society for the History of Economic Thought, Rome (May 2015) and History of the Philosophy of Science, Gent (June 2014)

‘ “Markets” in overnight lending’, INET Liberté, Egalité, Fragilité, Paris (April 2015)

Other talks

‘The secret world of monetary policy implementation’, Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism Paper 0 (February 2015 and November 2016) Available on CSEP YouTube Channel.

‘What is financial instability?’, (with Marco Meyer) in YSI Financial Stability Workgroup (January 2016)

‘The ECB’s OMT and double effect reasoning’, (with Marco Meyer) in YSI Webinar ‘Philosophy and Economics’ (February 2015) and Gonville & Caius College MCR/SCR talk (April 2015)