Publications and other papers

This is a list of some of my recent work. Contact me if you are interested in any of these papers.


  • ‘The Ethics of Delegating Monetary Policy’ (forthcoming in Journal of Politics; winner of the 2018 EFI Financial Imagination prize) Article
  • ‘Central Banking in Rawls’s Property-Owning Democracy’ (Forthcoming in Political Theory) Article
  • Democracy and the European Central Bank’s Emergency Powers’ (Midwest Studies in Philosophy 2018; special issue on ‘Responsibility and the Global Financial Crisis’, eds. James Dempsey and Tom Sorell) open access
  • ‘Trusting Anonymous Institutions’ (Rivista di Estetica 2/2018; special issue on ‘Trusting Institutions’, ed. Jacopo Domenicucci)
  • ‘Methodenstreit’ (The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Theory) article
  • Ethical Banking and Social Purpose (2015; with Marco Meyer, commissioned report for Cambridge’s Judge Business School)

Articles in preparation

  • ‘Financial inclusion and distributive justice’
  • ‘Markets and politics in the history of the ECB collateral framework’
  • ‘Democratizing central bank asset purchases’ (with Clément Fontan)
  • ‘The social purpose of corporations’ (with Marco Meyer)
  • ‘Scope and method in the early Methodenstreit’