Publications and more

This is a list of some of my recent work and projects under development. Contact me if you are interested in any of these topics.


  • ‘The ECB, the Courts, and the Issue of Democratic Legitimacy after Weiss’ (forthcoming in Common Market Law Review; with Nik de Boer) Preprint
  • ‘Marginalism and Scope in the Early Methodenstreit’ (forthcoming in the Journal of the History of Economic Thought) Preprint
  • ‘The Myth of Market Neutrality: A Comparative Study of the European Central Bank’s and the Swiss National Bank’s Corporate Security Purchases’ (2020 New Political Economy; with Clément Fontan)  Open Access
  • ‘The Ethics of Delegating Monetary Policy’ (2020 Journal of Politics; winner of the 2018 EFI Financial Imagination prize) Open Access
  • ‘Central Banking in Rawls’s Property-Owning Democracy’ (2019 Political Theory) Summary Open Access
  • ‘The Social Purpose of Corporations’ (2019 Journal of the British Academy; with Nien-hê Hsieh, Marco Meyer and David Rodin)
  • ‘Democracy and the European Central Bank’s Emergency Powers’ (2018 Midwest Studies in Philosophy; special issue on ‘Responsibility and the Global Financial Crisis’, eds. James Dempsey and Tom Sorell) Open Access

Chapters and reports

  • ‘Central Banks’ (forthcoming in The Cambridge Handbook of Constitutional Theory (3 vols.), edited by Richard Bellamy and Jeff King) Chapter
  • Targeting a sustainable recovery with Green TLTROs (2020 Positive Money Europe & Sustainable Finance Lab) Report
  • ‘Why the US Congress gives dollars to the Fed’ (2020 Special Edition Roundtable: Money in the Time of Coronavirus Just Money)
  • ‘Review of “Unelected Power: The Quest for Legitimacy in Central Banking and the Regulatory State‘”, Paul Tucker. Princeton University Press, 2018, 656 pages. (Economics & Philosophy) Open Access
  • ‘Rewarding virtuous citizens’ (2019 Verfassungsblog Debate on the Chinese social credit system)
  • ‘A Parliament for the Eurozone’ (2019 Twelve Stars: Philosophers Chart a Course for Europe Chapter
  • ‘Methodenstreit’ (2017 The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Theory) Article
  • Ethical Banking and Social Purpose (2015; with Marco Meyer, commissioned report for Cambridge’s Judge Business School)

Short pieces

  • ‘The ECB needs to do more to “green” its monetary policy’ (2020 Financial Times Alphaville)
  • ‘Dat Nederland met de gulden weer een eigen monetair beleid kan voeren is een illusie’ (2020 Trouw)
  • ‘The ECB must shift to a wholesale acceptance of junk bonds’ (2020 Financial Times Alphaville)
  • ‘How the Commission’s Covid-19 State Aid Rules increase regional inequalities within the EU’ (2020 VerfassungsblogSocial Europe; with Lena Hornkohl)
  • ‘Keeping the promise of Eurozone convergence’ (2020 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Social Europe; with Philipp Heimberger, Maximilian Krahé, and Dominic Ponattu)
  • ‘Das Pandemie-Notfallankaufprogramm der EZB (PEPP) könnte ein historischer Wendepunkt sein’ (2020 Dezernat Zukunft)
  • ‘The ECB’s Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme a big deal; here’s why’  (2020 Digressions & Impressions) Part I Part II
  • ‘Top of Lagarde’s ECB to-do list: stop QE and democratise monetary policy’ (2019 Social Europe)

Working papers (available on request)

  • ‘Financial Risk Management and the ECB’s Treatment of Sovereign Debt’
  • ‘Technocracy and the Ethics of Central Bank Risk Management’
  • ‘Rethinking Monetary Sovereignty’ (with Steffen Murau)
  • ‘The Legal Institutions of the Monetary Financing Prohibition’ (with Will Bateman)
  • ‘Financial Inclusion and Distributive Justice’